from Taller/Intercambio de Video | Video Workshop/Exchange [04-07 Oct 2018]

Through this archive, We intend to produce intimate perceptual portraits of living story and human experience, increasing breadth of understanding and points of connection. Through real-time, virtual exchanges across borders we provide an extension of colloquial information between the two countries. Informal documentation intends to add personal + relational perspective as a resource to the current media-bank between geographies in conflict.

Adriana Kong (MX), and myself,  Mia Pinheiro (US) hosted eleven artists from MX + US, each created a short video in response to the word: vecinos/neighbors. Both workshops used the same schedule + instructions in both MX + US to establish parallel conditions for making. All was done in real time, in both Mexico City and in New Bedford MA, followed by a virtual exchange of these films across borders. The films were made under tight time constraints, with basic technology and as a result have a raw, uncut, candid quality. Many of the participants are first time filmmakers.


Antonia González Alarcón[MX]

Celestina Billington[US]

Josie Colt[US]

Joselyn Feliciano[US]

Elizabeth Garcia Fuentes[MX]

Dana Heng[US]

Arthur Katrina[US]

Laura Ryan[US]

Frida Fernanda Menesses Vaca[MX]

Mirel Maldonado Viveros [MX]

Nicole Winning[US]



Vecinos: a temporary art gallery + participatory space

occurred October 4-7 2018 @ Co-Creative Center in New Bedford, MA.

It's purpose is to host intercambio (exchange) between Mexico and the U.S. through various public events + workshops , to create a dialogue around the meaning of ‘vecinos’ (neighbors) while sculpting + archiving intimate perceptual portraits of living story and human experience. 

Vecinos functioned a gallery, a 'puesto' (small market stall) and a platform for Film/Workshop Exchange (above) between Mexico + U.S. in collaboration with Fundacion Alumnos in Mexico City (more info about this below under OPEN CALL). 

The gallery hosted four Mexico City artists’ work: Toro Amillategui, Andres Gamiochipi, Adriana Kong, Mariana Paniagua.  

Visitors donated $143 USD total to the American Civil Liberties Union, in response to Trump’s family separation crisis.

Photographs by Andrew Kepiniski